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This is one of my favorite activities to help me take my thoughts captive and get my perspective back where it should be. Step 1 is to read these verses:

Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy – meditate on these things.
Philippians 4:8

The next step is to get a small portable notebook, I used 3×5 cards that are spiral bound. Portable is the key because this is a fun thing to take with you. Though, to be honest, one time I used sheets of paper. But I will explain that more in a moment.

Every few pages write one of the different words above as a header, or title.

Then starting thinking of things that come to mind when you read those words. Don’t worry about getting a lot, just try to get some. This is a working growing project. It is the practice of taking your thoughts captive. Its quite fun. Things don’t always have to be serious either, so long as you have some serious words, have fun with it.

The time I used papers was during a very stressful week at my church and so I typed up the words on sheets of paper and hung them in my office. Everyone who came in had to write something.

It is a fun activity that, though it isn’t specifically on thankfulness, it does help you take your thoughts captive and gets you in the mindset that is more thankful because you are focusing on the true, noble, just, pure, lovely, good report, virtuous, and praiseworthy things in life.

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Wednesday Web Sitings
Thankful, For Better Or For Worse

Wednesday Web Sitings

Here are some creative Thanksgiving activities, some of these are to help you share what you are thankful for and some of them are just for fun. Let me challenge you all to pick one thing and try it. Perhaps you will find a new tradition this year!

Thanksgiving Menu Scavenger Hunt is a fun Scripture hunt to find all the items on the menu! Make sure you look up the Scriptures and verify that your version works with the hunt as well as it is an item you are actually serving on the menu! If you are really ornery you could make your family order their meal by using the Scripture reference menu.

A Thanksgiving Tree is one of my favorite activities to do at Thanksgiving! My church does this every year and we end up with a huge tree covered in beautiful leaves that have so many thankful things written on them. We have a couple of landscapers in our church so we get actual trees that have already died. We also found some really nice silk leaves at the dollar store last year and online at Oriental Trading. You can do something big like that or trim a tree from your yard and start with a mini tree. Or you could pull out your Christmas tree early and add leaves to that.

Another similar idea is the Chain of Thanks which is a paper chain with things that you and your family and/or guests are thankful for.

A couple of friends of mine who have had me over for thanksgiving when my own family was out of town have a wall in their dining room that was painted with chalkboard paint. The nice part about that, other than it is completely fabulous, is that we can all write what we are thankful for on their wall. I found this DIY tutorial for a smaller version of that.

Another set of friends of mine have the scrabble letter trays out at all times with words on them. It changes to different things depending on who was at it last, but that would be a fun little decoration to have out for people to write words they are thankful for. Or even have a whole board out and everyone helps add words of things to be thankful for.

There are lot of ideas to do. Granted the first one listed wasn’t about being thankful but it looked fun.

Enjoy! And Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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Wednesday Web Sitings

It’s time for my favorite day of the week, Wednesday Web Sitings! The first site I want to list is the whole reason I even had the idea to write this week’s theme of writing about money saving tips. This is my sister’s youtube channel. She does a whole show on couponing, and she is really good at it. Giving some great weekly deals!

Playing The Drugstore Game

In my previous post I mentioned some websites I use when I am trying to buy online and save money. I usually open three browser windows and pull up Amazon, eBay, and do a general websearch (if you use google you can hit the shopping button though I find a keeping it on all results gives me a better chance of finding what I need). Nearly I will search for the item in each of these three windows at a time and compare what I can get. If you do enough online ordering it might be worth it to you to get the Amazon Prime membership, which gives you free 2 day shipping for a year. It is a great deal and pays for itself in most cases but if you don’t order online very much I wouldn’t use it. Make sure when buying multiples of one item on Amazon that you are buying from Amazon itself. If it is a third party through Amazon you may end up buying from several different third parties and this can cause shipping nightmares. When I am checking on eBay I always look for the buy it now because it is much easier to compare a bottom line price rather than playing the bidding game. When it comes to bidding, just be careful not to allow yourself to spend more than you normally would. I generally will set a price in my mind (generally less than what I could get it for in the store brand new) and I will stick to that. Be sure when you set your max bid to keep the shipping charges in mind with that. Decide what you want to pay, subtract shipping, and that should be your max bid. Be willing to lose the item. No point in paying full price through eBay and have it shipped if you can walk into a store today and get it for the same amount. When using other websites that you aren’t familiar with or do not know anything about them try doing some research before sending them money. If a deal sounds too good to be true it probably is. If a company is selling an item way under retail prices then its probably a scam and best to avoid it.

I have posted the following links before, but I use them quite often and they fit this week. If you choose to start making your own cleaning products you will need this site:
DIY Natural
This site has been a blast. Most of the items are cheap enough to give it a try. If you don’t like it, its only pennies wasted. But if you like it, its dollars saved.

And I suggest to start with your own laundry soap because you can see quite a lot of savings immediately:
DIY Laundry Soap
To start off you will spend under $10 for a 5 gallon bucket worth of soap and then it is only $1 to refill. Plus the products are kind of start products for other homemade cleaners. I have been making my own laundry soap for over a year now, plus my own dishwashing soap and I am only now about to have to replace my original box of laundry booster and the borax is still about half full. Granted its just me but this gives you an idea of how far these items will go.

And finally for something completely different:
100 Money Saving Tips

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Wednesday Web Sitings

The following are some websites and apps that have helped me along the way. Please remember to consult with your doctor before starting any diet or exercise regime.


One of my favorite programs that I have personally done was the Couch to 5k. There are loads of apps and websites for this program. What I used was the app Ease Into 5k

I do believe this app has a cost but I personally loved it! In fact I plan on getting back into it and then using the next app which helps you get into a 10k.

Another website that I just found is from Fox News and lists 10 Top Workout Routine Websites which lists a couple of sites I already know and like and a few that I will now visit.

This website has a lot of information when it comes to everything from workouts to health to eating etc. The link takes you to the fitness page but check out the rest! Livestrong.

And of course our very own WordPress sites: WordPress Exercise Posts

Have fun!

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Wednesday Web Sitings

Through some various random clicks I stumbled across this website and that link took me to another link, which took me to another link…All on the same website! Thank you Cobwebs Cupcakes and Crayons!

Clutter Buster Boot Camp

Daily Five

Fifteen Minutes of Fury

These are just the links I had time to look at, I do believe there are more posts regarding organization and that have helpful tools for getting some of the clutter cleared away.

The following blog is a newer blog but it looks like it would be well worth the follow!

52 Weeks to an Organized Home

And finally another 31 day challenge!

31 Days of Organization

So happy hunting as you make these web sitings! If you know of any others feel free to leave them in the comments. But keep in mind, don’t just browse the web, get up and do!!!

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Quick Tip

We Have A Web Siting!

Contrary to the title, this isn’t about cobwebs but about websites. Cleaning websites at least. So, if you follow some of the advice found on the following websites, you should have less web sites…forgive the punniness of this post, I am quite sleepy at this time and I always think I am so clever when I am sleepy.

Daily Chores is a site that lists the authors daily chores and how she keeps her home maintained. There are quite a few links on this site (check out the post about prevention) and therefore it is a great resource beyond the simple daily chores list.

Laurel Plum Online has a whole host of resources and just looking it over has helped me realize I need to do a week focus on organization. However, in the meantime, check out this series she did called “Climbing Out Of The Mess” which should help those of us who have gotten to that overwhelmed feeling of never catching up. You can do it! Just take it one step at a time and make sure you Eat Your Frog!

Housework on WordPress! WordPress allows WordPress users to follow the topic of housework so that if anyone posts and uses the tag of housework it will show up in your reader. So there is a never ending supply of new and fresh ideas!

Housework Blues is an ebook that you can order through the link. But there are sample chapters available prior to purchasing (I love the ability to check out a purchase prior to spending my hard earned cash). You simply put in a name and an email and you will be emailed a sample of 8 chapters! I read the first two pages of the first sample and have already decided I will be purchasing the book.

There are multitudes of websites out there. The sites listed above were from a simple google search of terms like “housework” or “daily maintenance housework”. You can always do a search such as this when that oh too familiar feeling of “there’s just too much to do” comes along. Its encouraging and helps us to get that motivation back. You can do it!

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Modern Hunting

Every time I cook something new I use one of two methods to find a recipe, I either look through my recipe books and magazines, or I scour the internet. Ok, so this is possibly the only two ways of finding new recipes, but it still works. So here are some of the tools I use:

I will always go back to this recipe book and still feel that it has some of the most iconic recipes. Plus the conversion charts and emergency substitutes have saved me on many occasions. That book is the Better Homes and Gardens Cook Book.

When it comes to websites I usually do a search for the ingredients I want to use, or the type of dish I plan to make, but I find myself landing at two websites quite often, All Recipes, and Epicurious. Both have quite an extensive list of recipes in all categories. If you don’t like the ingredients in one recipe, keep searching, you will probably find the same type of dish with different ingredients.

I use You Tube quite often for how to videos. This helps me when there is a technique that I do not know. Don’t let the strange words in your recipes scare you, often times they are just fancy ways of saying simple things.

So get out there and try something new and let me know how it goes!!!

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