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Wednesday Web Sitings


Challenge Tip: Keep a journal. Pray. When you share with The Lord you get to tell someone. Whether it is a small thing or a large thing. Whether its a secret or just information you are using to practice not sharing. This way you have the relief of telling the one person it is ok to tell everything.

I keep a journal and when I write I look at it as letters to God. I find I focus better in prayer this way. But there I can say anything. Be it small or big. God sees and He understands.

Here are some websites to help with this week’s challenge. Some of them are just encouragements and some are practical. Enjoy!

The first is full of more encouragements and inspiration: My Pinterest Board

I did a search on trustworthiness and this one made me laugh, though the tips are useful: Wiki How To On Becoming Trustworthy

This is not much, and a sad start to my first week saying “I’m going to work harder to bring you more!” But to be perfectly honest I am not finding much that is a good quality website out there. There are lots of tips on how to become trustworthy but many are from motivational speakers and not Biblically based. Now I am not saying that the methods they use are not effective, they probably are, but I do not want to post a website without having the biblical basis backing it. So, if you are looking for more, do a search on becoming trustworthy and you will find more. Just read it with the thought of how it falls in with Scripture.

Remember, post a comment on how you are doing with this week’s challenge!

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