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Clean Up Your App

Apps seem to be a weekly theme for me. I have an app for everything! Yes, even for housework. There are several that I like. The first is called Home Routine.


The pros of this app are that you can set up a very custom cleaning schedule, or use the built in schedules they already have. I like that you can add deep cleaning areas and have it remind you of those. It can be based on a daily, weekly, or monthly rotation of areas. For example, if you prefer to focus on one area and get all your deep cleaning done in that area you would work better with a monthly rotation. If you prefer to work on all the areas more often the weekly or daily rotation is probably better for you. It has endless possibilities.

The cons of this app are that its not free and you have to purchase a different app for your iPhone and for your iPad. So if you plan on switching between the two (which can be synced through iCloud) you will have to pay double. It is not one of the cheaper apps either, but it does have a lite version.

The other app that I use is a standard app that comes with your phone, Reminders.


This is a simple to do list. It works great for those days that you are wanting to get some specific things done. It is true that you could create daily, weekly, and monthly to do lists, but I personally don’t use it like that. I simply sit down and think of what I want to accomplish that day and put that on my list.

I will focus more on websites in a later post but a simple search will give you many resources. The most difficult part of all of these apps and websites for me is that I will get excited and use it for a while and then taper off. So tonight, after I finish writing this, I am going to start fresh with my Home Routine app and begin to create good habits.

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To Do Review

I am the queen of procrastination which means when I find a to do list or method that helps me get things done I get very excited. Anything to dethrone me would be fantastic. Here are a few things I am trying now:


This is an app and an online program. It is great for managers and families as it is a shared to do list. You can have another people added to a list and still have personal lists. You can request someone else to do a task, comment on tasks and see when a task is completed. It’s really great!


My new computer has windows 7 which has sticky notes. Granted you could use real sticky notes but I am a geek and work better with digital than I do reality. These virtual sticky notes are great and I can organize them on my desktop by category or importance. The large yellow one is my worst first list for eating my frog.

At this point I have stopped using orchestra. Not because the program failed but I failed to use it. I need to get back to it but for now my virtual sticky notes will have to carry me through.

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Eat A Frog

Eat A Frog!

“…She does not eat the bread of idleness.” Proverbs 31:28b

Step 1 of how to eat an elephant, eat a frog! Mark Twain said:

Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.

The first chapter of the book One Bite At A Time covers this concept much more thoroughly, but the basic idea is to do the worst thing first. Instead of putting off the things you dread until the last minute, if you do them first then they are out of the way.

My goals this week will be to start off each work day tackling my most difficult projects first, then when I come home I will do the same, tackle the difficult chores first. This will be my first bite at that elephant, and it tastes a bit like frog legs.

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To Do Review

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