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Dinner Meeting

It begins!…again! I had a goal a while back to have a dinner and a tea once a month. I have decided to start this once again. This month I chose to host a meeting at my house over dinner. So I spent yesterday cleaning (hence the lack of posting), and today I will be putting the finishing touches of a lovely dinner.

My goal, anytime I have someone over for tea or for food is to make them feel welcomed and blessed by the experience. It is a lot of work but it is so rewarding.

The menu is a roasted chicken dish that has chicken, potatoes, and carrots. Very home comforts style food. My guests are bringing the salad and dessert. I do plan on making iced tea and possibly a hot tea to go with dessert. I haven’t decided on the flavor of either yet but here are the choices I have narrowed it down to:

Green tea with fresh mint and lemon balm
Mixed fruit teas
or my expensive but favorite iced tea: Strawberry and Blueberry Iced Tea

The last one is expensive because it is a Teavana blend of Strawberry Lemonade (not actually lemonade) and Blueberry Bliss Rooibos. When making iced tea you need to use twice the normal amount of tea due to the fact that you will be adding ice to it, so when I make iced tea I usually use my less expensive brands.

Hot Tea:
I have found this fantastic tea from the Spice and Tea Exchange called White Rose Tea, it is one of my favorites. But I may also make a fresh herbal, due to the late hour it will be, out of mint and lemon balm (my specialty homegrown tea).

Now I just need to figure out how to decorate the table!


A Pointless Post About Home Grown Tea


It occurred to me, while sitting here drinking a cup of home grown Lemon Balm Spearmint tea, reading freshly pressed, that I haven’t actually posted about tea in a while.

I steeped it in one of those teapots that has the strainer basket inside the pot. Every time I use this I end up getting up at least three times in the night to go to the bathroom. For some reason I feel I must drink the entire pot that night. Either that or the tea is so good I can’t stop until its gone.

What makes my tea so good? Well I am so glad you asked…I grow it myself. Its not a true tea, its a tisane, which is simply a fancy word for saying herbal tea. I started something last year and it has become a slight obsession for me. It is called edible landscaping and I have now gotten the bug. I do not plant anything unless I can eat it, steep it, or bake it and then eat it. I am not sure why this fascinates me so much other than the wonderful satisfaction I get from eating, drinking, and cooking with food that I have grown myself. That and fresh food is crazy good.

So, back to the tea, I planted quite a few Lemon Balm plants this year, along with some Lemon Thyme, Lavender, and Jasmine. I prefer Lemon Balm over Lemon Verbana simply because I have compared the flavors and I do not care for Lemon Verbana…I have no explanation beyond that so don’t ask.

Every now and then I will cut a bunch of clippings of these plants and dry them. They are producing enough leaves to let me have a nice supply all through winter. But in the summer, mostly, I will use fresh. Tonight I used dried leaves, however, because I was being lazy tonight. I like being lazy sometimes.

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