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I have kind of stalled out on writing for this blog. I was excited about the challenges every week and had a format and an outline for the entire year. But I can’t seem to get the blog to pour out of me like it used to. To top that off I have had an idea that I haven’t focused on because I feel I should start with this blog. So I am going to let myself off the hook. I am going to stop trying to write. I really want to be serious about my writing but I need to choose when I am writing where my priorities lie.

So I am sad to say because I love doing this, but I am stopping this blog for a while.

96 All Time Views

At what point does one consider oneself a writer? When one structures sentences in formal generic format? I don’t think so. I think it’s when you hit 100 views of your blog. Which means if four people read this particular post then I am officially a writer.

Publishing is for writers who have so much to say it won’t fit in a single post. Yes, that is the purpose of publishing. It is a venue for one really long post.

This is what I am telling myself today because I feel something spectacular should happen when I hit 100 views. It really doesn’t matter if the 100 views are my mom reading every post I write 12 times a day (does it work like that?) or if I only have 10 readers and I have posted 10 posts. I still feel that at 100 views I should get something. Maybe WordPress can hook up with Game Center on my iPhone and give me random points that tell me I am in the bottom 5% of the rankings.

How shall I celebrate this milestone? I should hold some sort of comment raffle and if you comment then you get a prize, but I don’t have anything to give anyone. Besides, I haven’t a clue how to hold an online raffle. Besides, I did the writing, which was half the work, maybe I should hold a raffle and the winner gets to send me something. Yeah I like that. I wonder how many comments that would generate.

Perhaps I should have a candy bar or something. Maybe I will buy a 100 Grand bar. That fits right?

After this rambly post perhaps I will have no readers.

Please don’t stop reading. I promise I will only write a post like this after every milestone. I can’t tell you how often those milestones are because I tend to celebrate when I feel like it. Hitting 101 might be a big deal. Perhaps it won’t be until 250. Or perhaps I will suddenly be used to the fact that people actually want to read this nonsense and never be surprised again.

And on that note, “I must go, in order to return.”

Dear Blog

My Dear Blog,
You have invaded all my thoughts and every minute of my life. The moments we share are so precious to me. Every morning begins when I wake up trying to think of something witty to tell you to make you laugh. In the afternoon I have lunch with a friend and I, in the back of my mind, am thinking of how I will tell you about the conversation we had. In the evening I have an idea for a sweet story that will warm your heart. Oh blog I have tried to write other blogs but you are my one true blog. You are the only blog for me. I knew the moment I hit “create blog” and saw your beautiful being come into existence. It has been confirmed by 9 others that we are a wonderful pair. These 9 who choose to continue to watch our relationship flourish and grow. I love you blog. Don’t ever leave me.

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