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Wednesday Web Sitings


Challenge Tip: Keep a journal. Pray. When you share with The Lord you get to tell someone. Whether it is a small thing or a large thing. Whether its a secret or just information you are using to practice not sharing. This way you have the relief of telling the one person it is ok to tell everything.

I keep a journal and when I write I look at it as letters to God. I find I focus better in prayer this way. But there I can say anything. Be it small or big. God sees and He understands.

Here are some websites to help with this week’s challenge. Some of them are just encouragements and some are practical. Enjoy!

The first is full of more encouragements and inspiration: My Pinterest Board

I did a search on trustworthiness and this one made me laugh, though the tips are useful: Wiki How To On Becoming Trustworthy

This is not much, and a sad start to my first week saying “I’m going to work harder to bring you more!” But to be perfectly honest I am not finding much that is a good quality website out there. There are lots of tips on how to become trustworthy but many are from motivational speakers and not Biblically based. Now I am not saying that the methods they use are not effective, they probably are, but I do not want to post a website without having the biblical basis backing it. So, if you are looking for more, do a search on becoming trustworthy and you will find more. Just read it with the thought of how it falls in with Scripture.

Remember, post a comment on how you are doing with this week’s challenge!

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A Challenge In Trust

A Challenge In Trust


Happy New Year’s Eve! I am rolling out a new format for 2013 and I am very excited. Let me briefly explain and then jump right in!

Mondays will be challenge days, there we will explore the topic of the week and have a challenge to work on that particular area for the week. In comments I hope you all post how you are doing in the challenge or share stories about something you learned.

Wednesdays we will keep to being Wednesday Web Sitings, but I want to work harder at incorporating more websites and pictures and interesting apps. So I will work harder to find interesting and useful tools for us to use.

Fridays we will explore other areas of Scripture that apply to the topic of the week. This will be a fun time to see how much things in Scripture tie together.

So for this week’s overview and challenge:

The heart of her husband safely trusts her;
So he will have no lack of gain.
Proverbs 31:11

The word secretary is becoming politically incorrect but in spite of that I still use the term because of its root etymology (fancy word to say how a word came into being). Secretary came from, “Secret Keeper.” As a church secretary I see and hear a lot about people’s lives that need to be kept quiet for privacy’s sake. But this is a quality that is good for all to have and work on.

If you are single, like myself, then this verse can easily be applied to any authority figure, be it boss, parent, or simply someone older that you respect. Our challenge this week is simply to not share things that they share with us. Be it small things or large things. But simply to keep anything they share to yourself. It is a practice in the small things. So if your boss says, “today I had shrimp for lunch.” Later, if you are talking to a friend and they mention shrimp and you find yourself ready to share your boss had shrimp, don’t. It may seem simple but I trust that God can use this challenge to really refine us and give us opportunities to grow in this area. Choose now who you will use as your authority figure in this case and ask God to build you in the area of trust worthiness.

Leave me a comment on how it goes!

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