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Marching On

Fresh starts are wonderful! I am super excited about March! I began with the cleaning challenge and was able to get a lot of cooking and cleaned the rest of the kitchen as well as deep cleaning the microwave and oven. I also began the fitness challenge today and…ouch! I hate lunges. But I did them. 

Now, I did not realize the hair challenge I had planned on doing was an ebook that costs money. I don’t have money so I have switched it up and have decided to just find a new hair tutorial each day. I will not necessarily post every day but I will keep track and update you all so you should have a slew of hair tutorials by the end of this month. I took pictures today. It turned out…ok. I would need to practice braiding sideways a bit more to get to where I would feel this is wearable. But here’s to a new month and trying new things! 

Day 1 Braided Half Updo

The End of February and Fresh Starts


The End of February and Fresh Starts

Well I never was able to get back into the swing of things for February. Life got in the way. So I have let it go and am trying to catch up on life. Part of why I was excited about this year long plan was how easy it would be to let one month go and start fresh if it wasn’t working out. Well, I still feel guilty!!! I shouldn’t because I did accomplish a lot this month. So I will shake it off and start fresh for March. On a positive note, I have been drinking 64 oz of water a day! I am really excited for April as there is a green smoothy challenge I want to try. But I can’t get the info until April.

March challenges! A cleaning challenge, I will continue to Declutter as the areas suggested to be cleaned warrant it, but my focus will be more on cleaning. 30 day cleaning challenge

Secondly, for fun, I will do a 30 day hair challenge! This one I may or may not hit every day but even if I just get a few in, it will be fun! 30 day hair challenge

And finally another fitness challenge….30 day fitness challenge

The New Adventure Has Begun
Rest Day
Catching Up

I Just Dont Care

Marching On

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