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About 31 Leaves of Bri


About Bri: I am a Christian single woman who loves Jesus first and foremost. I have a beautiful dog named Calvary (so named by the youth at my church because she was a stray who was hanging out at the church during the building project). I am an administrative assistant at my church. I have a very blessed and full life.

About 31 Leaves: 31 refers to Proverbs 31 and my fascination with the many applications in todays world.

Leaves refers to Loose Leaves which is a play on words and touches on my love of tea and my love of reading and writing.

Proverbs 31 will be an exploration of the different things I have learned, am learning, tips and useful tools I have found in helping me to become a Proverbs 31 woman. Loose Leaves will be very much like a loose leaf blend of tea, a compilation of different things, random writings, tea analogies, or simply just what is in my heart at that time. And finally there will be things about me, as is inevitable in any type of writing. One of the things about me is that I am a new homeowner and I have recently added a section regarding this called “If I Can Do It…Anyone Can” to chronicle this learning experience.

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