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Catching Up

In sorting through my bookshelves I came across several pieces of writing that I had begun and never finished. Treasures. Treasures that will never be published, may or may not get finished, but treasures nonetheless. Perhaps one of my future 30-day challenges could be to finish one of these treasures and publish it here. Perhaps…

What has happened so far…
4 large bags donated
4 more filled
1 bin of books ready to be donated
Quite a bit of trash dumped
Abs, abs, and more abs!

I actually got begin on the Declutter challenge but I am caught up today. The ab challenge has been going great! Some days it feels a bit too easy, not sure if that is progress or simply not doing the exercises correctly. But I am sticking to it!

Things that have helped…taking the bags to the trash and to donation has really encouraged me a lot when it comes to not giving up. It has also helped me to be motivated to catch up even though I was three days behind. With the ab challenge the advantages are that it has built in rest days. That has motivated me not to get behind so that I can have the rest days at the proper time and see how well the program works.

I have also added a smaller challenge that is not confined to one month. I am getting up 1 minute earlier a day until I am getting up at 6:30 a.m. It will take me a while to get there but it will help me when I start going to the gym in the mornings.

So here we go, 9 days in and so far so good!

Oh one last note! I have also added drinking water to my daily challenge. I am not going all in and trying for 8, 8 oz. cups a day…simply trying to drink 16 oz in the morning when I take my vitamins, and 16 oz at night when I take my vitamins. I am also trying to cut back on other types of beverages and adding more tea to the mix. So far so good!

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