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Rest Day

The 28-day ab challenge has a rest day every fourth day. I am so glad because yesterday was difficult. I was beginning to doubt my ability to continue but knowing today would be a rest day helped me get through the workout. Turns out the Declutter challenge also gave me a rest day without intending to. The closet I was supposed to clean out today was actually clean. I looked at it, realized it was good, and counted my challenges for the day finished.

So tonight I cleaned my kitchen, made meringues, started making a few more homemade extracts, and cleaned out my mice cage. Productive rest day.

At this point I have a pile that is probably too big for my car ready to be donated. I am trying to figure out if I have time before Saturday to do this. Not sure. But other than that the challenges are going well. I am trying to remember that this is a Declutter challenge not a cleaning challenge. Which is hard. I want to try to clean everything, but if I do that I will run out of steam. So I have been just keeping up with the normal basics and simply decluttering. Maybe next month I will deep clean.

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