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The New Adventure Has Begun!!!

The day has finally arrived! I have been looking forward to this day for a while now. I started with the ab challenge, it was squats, a straight leg crunch and starfish…it’s ok if you don’t know what those are. I was doing 15 of each move 3 times. I started off with the squats…not bad, I can do this  then the straight leg crunch and I thought, ok this will challenge me by the third rep but still doable. But the first round of the starfish I realized I might not make it through 3 rounds! So I took a 1 minute break after that set and started again  with similar thought processes. I did the starfish in sets of five with a  few second break in between. By the end of the second round I was exhausted!!! But I got through it, and through a third round and I was so happy! I can already feel it in my legs and abs. It makes me excited to see how I feel after the 28 days! But, I am not going to post before and after pictures.

Then I moved on to my second challenge of cleaning out things. I forgot to post previously the link to this one. So here it is: 28-Day Declutter Challenge. I do not have a husband or children so I have adjusted the list to fit me. The first item was toys, so I did my shoes. Here’s the before pic:


And here is the after pic:


I was trying to get the shoes down to the absolute necessities but I kept a few that probably weren’t necessary. One day, one day I will have a shoe closet that is more like less fortunate countries. But for today, I am happy with what I have accomplished.

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