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The Final Lap Begins, But February Looms

I am super excited about today’s post because I have decided what I am going to do for my February challenge! But first things first…update on January…I did spend some this past week but it was for my boyfriends birthday and I had planned on that. I am a little concerned as my grocery budget is used up for the month but I think I can finish off the last 5 days with no problems. So, that being said, let’s look a February…

I have been discouraged about how my clothes have been fitting but I hesitated doing an exercise challenge because of a foot problem that still needs a few weeks to heal. But I have also really been discouraged by the clutter in my house. So I have decided to take on two challenges in February. The first is a 28-day ab workout. This is something I can easily do without aggravating my foot. Plus it should only take about 5 minutes a day.

My second challenge intrigues me. It is a different space every day to clean out. I had decided already I should try to take a load once a week to either the dump or the thrift store (depending on the load). This particular list includes husbands and kids but I can adjust those. When it talks of spouse closets and such I can use that to work on summer closet or finish off if I got behind.

My goal with both of these is not to stress if I miss a day. But I will simply skip whatever day I missed and continue on with the corresponding day number.

So, five days left to go of my financial fast and, in spite of a few slip ups, over all I have been able to get back a hold of my spending habits as well as get my finances on the road to recovery. I will continue through February to cut back on spending and by March I should be able to start building up my savings again.

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