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It Shouldn’t Be This Hard This Soon

Today is only January 3rd. Three days into this financial fast and I am already struggling. Yesterday I was driving home and I was famished! I had found some cash I had forgotten about and was heading to the bank to deposit it. I actually thought about not depositing the cash and going through a drive through. Three days into this and I already almost threw in the towel for food.

The difficulty with financial goals in an instant society is that we do not see instant results. I have been looking dutifully at my finances for the past three days. Paid a bill, gone grocery shopping, and I have dutifully passed up spending cash on fun items and right now I have nothing to show for it. This is why looking at the finances every day is so important. To remind myself daily why I am doing this. To keep my goals of savings ever before me. To remember that the short term payoff is no where near the long term payoff.

Patience. Only 27 more days to go.

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