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Day One – The New Quest Begins

This is the day we have all been thinking about, anticipating, even planning for a while now. This day, January 1, 2015. I had not originally intended to write every single day this year, nor do I imagine it now, but I find I want to today. On this fresh bright shiny new January 1 it seems so possible for me to write every single day of 2015 and to end this year with thousands of readers who all anticipate each new blog coming out like the next episode of a cliffhanger season end television show audience.

Regardless of reality I do have something to share today. To work towards my monthly goal of a financial fast I will be looking at finances every day. And every day considering, evaluating, and managing my money. Today is simple. Just open your apps, log on to your banking institution sites, look at your accounts. Remind yourself of your goals, to have saved a bunch of money at the end of this month. Figure out what you need to look at every day to remind yourself. For me it is my level app, if I look at that every day I will remember. I see my goal of what to save by seeing what I can spend. I want to save every penny of that if possible.

I have to make a trip to the store today as I have been sick and need some items so I am making a list and attempting to buy only what I can consume this week. No more than that.

Tomorrow we will reevaluate our budgets. Make sure that we aren’t overspending or under budgeting in any areas.

Comment below if you have taken on this challenge and how you are doing so far.

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