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12/30s And A New Year

The new year always creates a buzz and the question of “how will this year be different for me?” This resulting in resolutions which are oft broken or forgotten. I am not here to condemn resolutions. No, I love turning a new leaf and trying new things. So this year I am going to take the challenge of doing 12 30-day challenges. January will begin with a 30 day financial fast. I wanted to begin with an exercise challenge but the lingering effects of a sinus infection are deeming that unlikely to be fulfilled. So finances it is! My goals are each month to start a new 30-day challenge, heavens knows there are plenty out there to be had, and to blog at least once a week about my progress. So there you go, by 12/30 I will have attempted and hopefully accomplished 12 30-day challenges of varying sorts. My minimum goal is to be a better writer at the end. But perhaps I will become better at a few other things as well.

So for a bit more of an explanation of January’s 30-day challenge…a financial fast, meaning I only spend money on the necessities for 30 days. Check out this blog regarding the financial fast.

My first goal for the first week is to simply look at my finances every day. I need to create the habit of thinking about my budget and looking at my balances regularly. I am currently using Ace Budget, and Level as my apps of choice.

Comment below if you are joining me in this challenge!

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  1. Yay a new blog post! I’m excited to see all of of your 30 day challenges!!


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