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The day after I wrote the steps in Profitable Savings I ended up out and about shopping with no plan or budget in mind. I broke all my rules and paid for it. Literally. It wasn’t too crazy but it did remind me how important it is to go in with a plan!

I had an opportunity recently to get the local newspaper for half off. I thought about it for the coupons but I don’t think I am ready to commit to couponing just yet. I cannot justify the expense otherwise. So there is another tip, be realistic. If you are spending money to save are you ready to do the work it will take to save the money? Is it worth it? Also keep in mind that if you will be saving money in an area you weren’t planning on spending originally then its not worth the cost. For example coupon books. If you purchase to donate to a cause that’s one thing but few people ever actually use them and those that do probably would not have spent money in the places they used the coupons if they didn’t have the book. So be realistic.

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