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Here are some creative Thanksgiving activities, some of these are to help you share what you are thankful for and some of them are just for fun. Let me challenge you all to pick one thing and try it. Perhaps you will find a new tradition this year!

Thanksgiving Menu Scavenger Hunt is a fun Scripture hunt to find all the items on the menu! Make sure you look up the Scriptures and verify that your version works with the hunt as well as it is an item you are actually serving on the menu! If you are really ornery you could make your family order their meal by using the Scripture reference menu.

A Thanksgiving Tree is one of my favorite activities to do at Thanksgiving! My church does this every year and we end up with a huge tree covered in beautiful leaves that have so many thankful things written on them. We have a couple of landscapers in our church so we get actual trees that have already died. We also found some really nice silk leaves at the dollar store last year and online at Oriental Trading. You can do something big like that or trim a tree from your yard and start with a mini tree. Or you could pull out your Christmas tree early and add leaves to that.

Another similar idea is the Chain of Thanks which is a paper chain with things that you and your family and/or guests are thankful for.

A couple of friends of mine who have had me over for thanksgiving when my own family was out of town have a wall in their dining room that was painted with chalkboard paint. The nice part about that, other than it is completely fabulous, is that we can all write what we are thankful for on their wall. I found this DIY tutorial for a smaller version of that.

Another set of friends of mine have the scrabble letter trays out at all times with words on them. It changes to different things depending on who was at it last, but that would be a fun little decoration to have out for people to write words they are thankful for. Or even have a whole board out and everyone helps add words of things to be thankful for.

There are lot of ideas to do. Granted the first one listed wasn’t about being thankful but it looked fun.

Enjoy! And Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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