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Breaking Thresholds

I broke 40,000 words today. That’s crazy! I didn’t think I would be able to do this and now I am simply 10,000 words from accomplishing my goal! I am way too close to my ending than I should be at 10,000 words out, but I don’t care. I see the finish line and I am sprinting towards it.

This journey has been fantastic. It has done several things for me. But before I list those I do have to say that my story is not worth reading, nor is it worth editing and thinking about publishing. I share that because the things that I gained from Nano were not anything like what I expected. I expected to maybe finally get a story out of me. This is a story alright but its not like this is a story worth taking to the next step.

But I have fallen in love with a few of my characters. Certain ones I could write all day. If they were real people I would be worried that they would think that I was a crazy stalker because I would want to be best friends with them.

The other thing Nano has done for me is to give me the realization that I do have a writer in me. I had never been sure if I could do this after all but there have been scenes and stories and dialog that came out of me that I never knew was there! And I outlined!

Finally Nano has done what Nano claims to do, it gave me a sense of accomplishment and achievement. I know that I am not finished yet, but even if I weren’t able to finish at this point I would know that I did win regardless because I have gained so much.

Thanks Nano!


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How do you explain yourself in a short paragraph. What should I talk about? My love for Jesus? The fact that I am fascinated with tea and all that comes along with it? Should I explain that I am single? How do I capture my life in such a brief moment and still make it sound interesting?

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  1. would love to read it sometime!


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