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Profitable Savings

She considers a field and buys it;
From her profits she plants a vineyard.
Proverbs 31:16

Unless you own your own business you probably aren’t making any profits. The focus of this week will not be business management, for I fear I would ruin you all. But we will look at money saving techniques. This is a way that anyone can see some profit. At the very least you could put the savings in the bank and profit through interest. But I tell you, anytime I save money, I feel like I have profited.

The following are some of my random tips and tricks:

My current personal favorite money saving techniques are to make some of my own cleaning products. I have been making my own laundry soap, dishwashing soap, conditioner and toothpaste for a while now. I am enjoying making them and really enjoy the savings.

I also make a lot of foods from scratch. Now this started more as a necessity due to my food allergies but I have found that I can make more of the food for cheaper. This has grown from simply cooking a meal to making my own spice mixes and seasoning sauces. Many times we are paying a lot more for a mix of spices or a sauce that is much cheaper to make on our own.

My next post will have my favorite websites and online tools for saving money but another tip that I can pass on today is to do searches on multiple websites when buying things online. I tend to check several of my favorite known sources to find which is the cheapest and in the best shape. This is a really useful tool if you are willing to shop online. I generally do this for items that I have tried already.

Obviously buying in bulk is great if you are able to use all the item prior to its expiration date. Some of the items you can freeze or place in airtight containers and store elsewhere. Most grocery stores list the price by ounce (or other type of measurement) on the price tag along with the total to make it easy to compare the different sizes. This is a great tip when buying in bulk. Sometimes its not worth saving a few pennies if you need the storage space, but generally you can save money in this area.

Don’t buy on impulse either. As a child my dad taught me a great trick, he made us write down the item we wanted and wait a week. After a week if we still wanted the item we were allowed to then go buy it. I don’t actually write it down anymore but I do try to wait some time before purchasing something. It is amazing how often I find something that I just have to have in the store only to completely forget about it as soon as I leave. This has saved me loads of money.

Look for sales and clearance items but beware of the trap of buying something based on how much you saved. That is not a good technique of saving money. If you can’t pass up the deal for the deal’s sake then it’s probably a deal you should pass up. If its an item you already wanted and were going to purchase or something you needed then buying an item that is a good deal is a good deal. I had best move on before I continue this pun.

Always walk into a store with a plan. If you know how much you can spend then you will be more likely to stick to that. If you walk in aimlessly with no amount in mind you might find yourself with buyers remorse later. When you do have buyers remorse try to etch that feeling into your brain so that next time you are more willing to pass something up to avoid that feeling.

Avoid stores that cause you to spend too much. This might sound obvious but its not always the expensive stores that do it. I love shoes, I cannot go into Payless because they ALWAYS have a sale and I struggle walking out of there having stuck to my plan. So my solution is to only go in there when I absolutely have to.

Those are a few of my personal tips and trick. We will see some websites and youtube channels in an upcoming post.

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  1. Great post. I read it to the end.


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