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Plant An App And Watching It Grow

There’s an app for that! Believe it or not I have several gardening apps. Yes…gardening apps. At this point I have yet to find the one app that I love but the following are still useful.


Tomato Match is a good tool for finding different tomato varieties for your different purposes. My only negative would be that I could find some tomatoes on there but not all of the ones in my garden. But this is also understandable as there are quite a lot of varieties. It would be great if they added the ability to add personal notes or keep track of which ones you have in your own garden. Other tips such as saving seeds or recipes would be nice as well.


This app is a nice one for giving reminders of when to fertilize, weed, plant, etc. I do like this app. But again it has a very limited database. It is quite useful for newer gardeners however as it has a lot of information about each plant that is in the database.


This app is part of one of my favorite Gardening Supply Companies. It is very useful with lots of tips and tricks.

I am still looking for a good garden mapper where I can notate where my plants are and what their names are. If I knew how to write apps I would create one that did it all!

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