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Day 19

Today’s humbling experience was realizing what it is to the be family member asking the church to come visit. Funny as I have often wondered why people hesitate so much to call the church or to ask for prayer. I have never had to be the one to ask though. Normally we have family around. When something is happening and I forget to put it on the prayer chain its not a huge deal because my family is large and we are our own prayer chain just because of our size. I don’t need to ask for visitation because my family support is around and we are good. But this time everyone was gone. It wasn’t serious enough to ask my brother or cousins to come out. My parents and aunt and uncle were in another country and so it was just me and grandpa. And I needed the support.

Its hard to ask for help. Especially when its just emotional help. I needed the support today and because it wasn’t a physical or terribly serious issue, more just me running out verve to keep being the strong one, it was very humbling to admit that I needed the help.

But I didn’t even have to ask. I did ask but I wouldn’t have needed to. My Pastor already planned on coming. My brother offered. My cousin offered. It helped so much knowing everyone was willing.

I am not exactly sure why I ran out of steam today. But I am glad I did. I understand a bit more about why some people struggle to ask for a visitation from someone from the church, or why others won’t call and put things on the prayer chain. It seems so silly not to when its not your own situation, but when it is your situation it seems too silly to worry about.

At least in God’s eyes its all important right?

PS My grandmother is doing well.

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