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Day 17

Sitting here today in an Operating Waiting Room while my grandma gets a new shoulder. I don’t have many thoughts today as my brain is distracted. But I have to say, I love watching my grandpa as he takes care of others in his slightly backward way. He is, in some ways, a very prideful man, but in many other ways he is so sweet and caring. He can be so self centered and not even have a clue how callous he is at times. But other times he is so others focused. Getting the nurse to help another lady who was locked out of the bathroom, or helping (more) elderly folk who can no longer do the work around their own homes.

I have seen some of his worst sides and some of his best sides. I pray that my worst sides are not quite as bad and that my best sides are just as good.

The crazy thing is that my grandpa is not a Christian. He doesn’t have any motivating factors to even have a good side, and yet, in many ways, he is better at this than me. Now if you look at his worse side you would not think that this would bring conviction. But I know that if it weren’t for Christ I know that I would reflect simply the worst. So how much more, since I do know Christ, should I be selfless and caring of others? I should look like my grandpa’s good side 24/7. I should have noticed that lady standing by the bathroom door and helped her first. I should be more willing to give of my free time to those who don’t have the same abilities or are simply just lonely.

So thats my lesson for the day, I should reflect Christ and His goodness even more so. I should be just as willing to serve. Seeing my grandpa’s good side reminds me that I have more of a motivation than he and should therefore be even better.

Now that is humbling.

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