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Day 16

I have a question for today’s post, a simple question that I think might be linked to pride and humility.

How do I stop being opinionated?

I have a feeling pride is involved here but don’t exactly know how. I am tired of getting so worked up over minor things. How do I stop caring so much about dumb issues?

Any suggestions?

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How do you explain yourself in a short paragraph. What should I talk about? My love for Jesus? The fact that I am fascinated with tea and all that comes along with it? Should I explain that I am single? How do I capture my life in such a brief moment and still make it sound interesting?

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  1. Wuff, that’s a tough one. For me it was something that came with time. It wasn’t a matter of pride so much as it was an issue of confidence. The more confident I became with myself and the things that I knew, the less things and people bothered me. I’m a very non-confrontational person, introverted and empathetic, so debates, disagreements, etc. all really bothered me. But as grew up and learned more and gained a newfound confidence (it doesn’t even have to be in anything really specific), I found that things bothered me a lot less.

    That said! Being opinionated over certain things doesn’t necessarily have to be bad. Maybe instead of looking at the way you react to each issue, look at the issues themselves. Are they really so dumb? Do you have some emotional investment in them? What bothers you about them — could it be the issues themselves, or the way you see other people interacting with them?

    Some of what helped me is acknowledging that there are some things that can’t be changed, some things that shouldn’t be dealt with. For example, when I have a debate on any issue open to the public (especially ones regarding politics or religion), I can look at certain posts and think, yep, there’s zero point responding. That isn’t going to do /anything./

    The last time I was really bothered by something I thought was dumb, I just asked myself questions like the above. I asked how it affects me, why I need to be involved in it, and if I were to just ignore it completely, would it hurt me at all? Some things just bother you and you can’t really figure out why, and either you get used to it or ignore it. I think it’s a thing you have to learn over time, there’s no real quick solution, but it can definitely be done!

    …aye yi yi, essay .>_>

    • It was a good essay! Thank you! My problem leans more towards the latter half of your essay though because I am mostly concerned about my silly opinions about silly matters. But I will take your advice and begin to assess the whys. Perhaps that will lead me to some answers so I can let go. 🙂


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