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Day 12

Today’s lesson in humility is a reminder to myself to rely on God and not myself. I learned this lesson the hard way so many times that I could share story after story illustrating what I am about to share. Here’s the lesson in a nutshell…when I do things that I am good at I tend to rely on myself. I don’t realize I am doing it, I simply do what I am good at. And I fall flat. I might not fail miserably every time but every time there is always the one thing that will happen that will cause me to feel like I failed miserably. But, when the opposite happens, when I do things that I am not good at I am driven to my knees to beg God to help me. Those always go much better than expected. Why? Because my pride is gone and my humility is in play. What I need to do is twofold, one to remember that even the things I am good at are only there because of God’s grace, and two, when I do have those moments of feeling failure to thank God for the lesson in humility and rely on Him.

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