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I live in a very transient area. Meaning, many people move here, stay for a short season, and move on. It also means that there are quite a few needs here. Many people living day to day, not sure where their next paycheck or meal will come from. Due to this we also have those that stand on the side of the road and ask for money.

Now I realize that there are those with true needs out there, those who are left with no other options than to grab a sign and stand on the side of the road and hope for the best. But I also realize that many of these folks are not searching for their next meal or a helping hand but simply money to go buy alcohol or drugs. Recently I came across a solution for this that was genius!

This is not my idea, I stole it from my cousin, and she possibly stole it from someone else. But here are some items you will need:
Ziplock bags (gallon or larger)
Canned food (with pop tops)
Gift card to a fast food restaurant/grocery store
Other small necessities

Fill the bag and stick it in your car. Then the next time you see someone on the side of the road with a sign you can give them a bag. You will not be enabling those who are trying to feed an addiction but you might be giving enough help to keep someone going.

This is a great project to do with your kids. They will have fun finding things to fill the bag with as well as learn great lessons on giving.

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  1. This is pretty fascinating! I’ve never thought of things like this. In some cases I’ve given some food from a local restaurant or something of the sort instead of cash. The vast majority of the time it’s well-received; there was one man who got angry and threw my spare burrito over the fence onto the freeway, but luckily that was just one person. >.>

    As I continue to make money I’d like to get to the point where I can offer to take people clothes shopping or something of the sort. Some people aren’t in a state to apply for work or anything of the sort, so that would also be beneficial (albeit much more costly). Either way, this is a really cool idea.

    • I can’t take the credit. But it worked great. At our church we had people bring in items for a few weeks and then had a night where everyone helped put the bags together. Then families took the bags and threw them in their cars. Within about two weeks all the bags had been handed out. It was pretty cool. We need to make more now.

      It gets really cold here so one of the families gave a blanket with their bag.

    • I forgot I was going to also say I like the clothing idea. That’s a good thought! I suppose if you had the cash you could also or instead to a gift card to a clothing place but it would definitely be more of a life experience to spend the time with someone and not just hand them something but talk to them and get to know them.


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