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Day 10

Is humility the absence of pride or is pride the absence of humility? I tend to think like the latter. I see humility as less tangible than pride and that I must get rid of pride in order to obtain humility. I’m not so certain this is true. I tend to think that way because I can do something that is clearly prideful but many things could be pride disguised as humility depending on the attitude of the heart. Nothing is obviously humility unless Christ did it. Ok I am getting very philosophical when I wanted today to be practical. I am stealing some of my cousins comments on Day 8 (yes, that is my preciously wonderful cousin) as a starter:

1. Are you willing to delegate or do you try to do everything yourself?

2. How do you respond when someone goes against you?

3. How quick are you to admit your mistakes?

4. How do you respond when someone comes to you in loving reproof?

5. How well do you submit to the authority above you?

6. Are you teachable?

7. How do you respond when someone misunderstands you?

8. What do you do when you see something needing to be done?

9. Who are you when no one is around?

10. When you do something that no one sees, do you tell?

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