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Day 8

Today’s post is going to be brief as I have been slammed with things to accomplish today and am slipping this one in just 10 minutes before tomorrow. I think I am finally catching on. Today while studying the word I realized that humbling myself before God is simply admitting that I am a sinner and submitting to His plan for me. I want to submit in all areas whole heartedly. I have learned the hard way too many times that I don’t really know what’s best. He does.

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How do you explain yourself in a short paragraph. What should I talk about? My love for Jesus? The fact that I am fascinated with tea and all that comes along with it? Should I explain that I am single? How do I capture my life in such a brief moment and still make it sound interesting?

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  1. I was talking to a friend yesterday and we were discussing how people feel like they need to have it all together before they can lead. They need every gift, every ability, totally leaving out humility. What greater trait in a leader than humility?

    • The reason they left out humility is because it is the exact opposite of humility, to believe you have to have it all together to lead is to say that you can get your self to a place where God can then use you, completely missing the point that if you are doing it yourself you are not working for and through Christ

      • I agree totally. When we think we have it all together it is almost as if we are saying we don’t need God. We have it figured out. “I got this God, no worries.” Scary place to be.

    • I have, at times, led without humility. It was miserable. I would not want to repeat that. As soon as I starting thinking that I should be the leader that is when I get humbled by God instead of humbling myself. I tell you, I would much rather humble myself than to harden my heart so that He has to do the humbling for me. 🙂

  2. I think some good indicator of your humility as a leader are these:

    1. Are you willing to delegate or do you try to do everything yourself?

    2. How do you respond when someone goes against you?

    3. How quick are you to admit your mistakes?

    4. How do you respond when someone comes to you in loving reproof?

    5. How well do you submit to the authority above you?

    • 6. Are you teachable?

      This is a good list! I like it!

      I struggle with number 4 the most I think. Not as much because I don’t think I do wrong as I hate to think anyone thinks that I have done wrong. So its even more of a pride issue than most. I am always trying to explain away my mistakes. Ugh. Such a prideful creature am I.


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