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Goals + Five Minutes = Organized Success!

I recently started reading a book called Housework Blues: A Survival Guide. This book has been fantastic and is a great resource. I want to take a concept from this book and from Cobwebs Cupcakes and Crayons which is the five second rule. The idea is that if you do it now it will take only a brief moment, but if you wait it will take a lot longer.

Now this might sound like housework advice, and it is, but we can apply it nearly anywhere. Today I want to look at organization. If I spend a few minutes organizing 1 square foot of space then I am more likely to finish, and finish quickly, than if I save up and try to organize a whole room.

So todays advice is organization works best and builds the most momentum when you have successes. When you tackle those areas that we talked about in my previous post, which is what areas drive you crazy? Tackle those in small pieces first. If you spend five minutes a day working on an area you will be surprised at how quickly you can accomplish what you need to accomplish.

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  1. I can relate to how somethings a very large task can appear almost too overwhelming to even begin–and yes this often applies to housework! It’s amazing how just cleaning out a little corner at a time can result in a finished space. I suppose the key is breaking down these overwhelming tasks into baby steps that are much more manageable.

    • Yes it does help a lot. The main thing is simply to do instead of thinking “I am going to do.” This is an area however that I still struggle in. It’s the most difficult after work. I am tired. I don’t want to do. 🙂


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