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Day 3

To humble oneself is difficult. I cannot even think how one begins to do this. It is a difficult undertaking. Mostly because I am not undertaking it as a hobby or because it makes me happy but because I know that there is sin in my heart and I want to see that gone.

Today my advice is to not being comfortable, stop doing what you are good at. I once heard a lady speak about a time when God pulled her from her comfort zone and she fought Him tooth and nail until she realized that when she was in her comfort zone she did not need to rely on Him, but in this new situation she had to rely on Him because she knew she could not do it it her own strength.

So my challenge today is to look for areas that force you to rely on God. If you can do it without Him them you are close to the trap of being self reliant and forgetting who gave you those talents and gifts in the first place. So stretch yourself, try something new, volunteer for something you know you can’t do. One of two things will happen: 1. You will fail miserably, which would be quite humbling, or 2. You will succeed but knowing that it was only in Christ’s strength. Which is humbling.

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