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Shedding Disorganization

The following are pictures of the after of organizing my shed, I forgot to take before shots they are easily imagined. Just imagine a shed that had its doors stuck open all season so the floor is covered with debris, cobwebs, and the clutter of simply tossing in bags of supplies from the store. Then spill those shopping bags, tools and other miscellaneous items into the backyard and you have your shot!

Here are the after pictures:

The Doors to my Shed

The doors can shut and open and open and shut!

It took a lot of sweeping dirt out of the track but I did finally work it so that both doors open all the way and shut completely.

The inside of the shed

The doors open, here is what you see…

The large pipes in the center were too long to fit neatly into a corner, and once the sprinklers are finished I will move the extra pipe to the garage.

Pots for planting

My various assortment of planting pots

I save every pot that I get because I am constantly reusing them. One day I may figure out how to get these on some shelving but for now they are simply stacked inside each other ready for next seasons use.

Organization drawers

All my sprinkler and small items sorted and organized neatly in these drawers

These were some plastic drawers I had in my craft room holding yarn, but they weren’t very useful for that as a couple of skeins and the drawer was full. So I emptied those (now I have to organize my craft room!) and used them to sort through all of my sprinkler fittings as well as a few other odds and ends.

Seeds in plastic bags

Some of my seeds that I am storing for next year.

I wrote in a previous post about how I save the seeds to squashes, I have also done this with tomatoes and several other plants. All these seeds ended up in one of the top drawers. My next step is to mark them with the best planing time and sort them by month.

gardening gloves

These are my gardening gloves in a bucket with some various gardening tools

I had a few odds and ends that wouldn’t fit into the drawers so I put them in a bucket. They are all gardening tools, a garden spade, gloves, and things of the like.

homemade hooks for hoses

My hoses and drip line tubing hanging from homemade hooks

I am most proud of this portion of the shed, and this is an excellent example of troubleshoot that I mentioned in the previous post. A while back when I changed my swamp cooler pads I had some metal rods that seemed quite unnecessary and I could not, for the life of me, get them back into the cooler doors. So I left them out. When I was organizing I knew I needed something to hang the hoses and did not want to go to the store. I looked all over trying to get inspiration when I spotted these metal rods. They already had a slight lip at the top where I could slide them onto the metal fittings in the shed and they were easy enough to bend using my body weight. So I stepped on them, bent them into shape, hung them, added the hoses and they work great!

I have to say once I finished the shed I was so proud of myself and felt so good to have all that clutter finally in a semblance of working order that it motivated me to accomplish quite a bit more that day. I ended up mowing my lawn, picking up the dog…ahem…refuse, cleaning, canning, cooking, and I can’t even remember what else. Now every time I look in the back yard I have the sense of relief of “phewph! That is done!!!”

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  1. That looks great! Ask so neat and tidy. My favorite part was: these as my gloves in a bucket. Yes. I see that.

    You made me nervous bending those swamp cooler things… I just know you are going to need them later! Trying not to stress about that!

    It sounds like I am making fun of you, but I’m serious about the suspense!

    You are such a busy bee!

    • You are allowed to make fun of me šŸ™‚ But I have been quite the busy bee haven’t I? I am having fun. But I do have to admit, my daily pick up has stopped for the past few days. I need to get back to it!

      As for the swamp cooler parts you should have seen how nervous I was to leave them out! But really all they do is hold the matt stuff in to let the water drip through. There are several others in place. Its not like it won’t function without them. I have used it quite a bit this summer without them.

  2. “These are my gardening gloves in a bucket with some various gardening tools.” This part makes me nervous…Those gloves of yours are sure to get full of spiders if left out in the open of that there bucket. I’d stick the gloves in one of those drawers. šŸ™‚ Jessica stuck her hand in a glove once when she was young and got bit by a spider. I’m now a glove checker and I keep my garden gloves indoors. šŸ™‚ Love the bucket, by the way. Great job on the shed.

    • I did think of that. And thought I was being silly. Now I will move them. I out them on the other day and checked them really close because it was prior to cleaning the shed and I knew I had spiders in there. Yuck!!!

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