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Reach Out And Organize Something

I have a dream…it is a dream of a spotless house that stays spotless. When dirt is dragged in, it is immediately swept up, when dishes are dirtied they are immediately put in the dishwasher or hand washed. Everything is neat and tidy and organized.

Then I wake up.

Reality can be a bummer sometimes, but when it comes to the practical things in life it is best to start with reality. My first bit of advice for those searching for some organizational help is to be practical. Don’t try to attain your dream in one day. Start with small tasks that you can accomplish and go from there.

When I am trying to decide which areas to organize next I usually try to think of which area frustrates me the most. Where is it that when I have to get something out of that area, put something away, or simply look at it, that I am instantly stressed out and annoyed? Whatever area you thought of while reading that last sentence might be where you should start next. If you have more than one, pick the one that you frequent the most.

Oftentimes I will ponder a problem area for a while prior to tackling it. This helps me come up with solutions. I don’t always think of the solutions prior to organizing but if my brain has been working on it I know one will eventually come. Sometimes I have to get in there and just do the best I can organizing in spite of the problem areas. Then, a week later, it comes to me. Sometimes I do a search online to see if others have found a solution.

For example, I like to dry herbs and when I am in the process of drying them my kitchen is quite cluttered. Why? Because I would tie the herbs into bundles and hang them on the kitchen cabinet knobs to dry. My solution? A simple shower rod (I had an extra one in the garage). I put it in a shallow closet (it was set up the short way, not the length of the closet but the depth). Then I could hang my herbs in the closet out of the way.

Basically what I am trying to say is to simply get in there and work on the areas and frustrate you most. Work towards solutions to areas that are problems. Take things a little at a time. You rarely hear someone say they are organized. Usually its a work in progress. So get in there and make some progress on that work!

Personal goals this week:
Keep up the daily maintenance I started last week
Organizing the following areas:
Monday: Bathroom cabinet
Tuesday: Under the bathroom sink
Wednesday: Night off
Thursday: Coffee table storage baskets
Friday: Footstool storage area
Saturday: Under the kitchen sink and the TV entertainment center

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