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I See Crazy People

I thought I had seen everything. I thought that working at a church for 9 years had presented me with every random insane situation possible.

I was wrong.

I only wish I had pictures to prove what I am about to tell you.

I was at the church waiting for the leader of a group that was meeting that night to come so that I could let her in and then leave for the day. While I waited I finished up a few tasks and was walking around various parts of the church. As I passed the front doors to the church and a car caught my eye. I stopped to see if it was one of the ladies for the group that evening.

The first thing I noticed was that the car was an SUV style vehicle, very high end. I am not big on cars so I do not know what make or model but it reminded me of the newer Lincoln SUV’s that a friend of mine had test drove recently. Thats how I knew it was high end. The car pulled into the far end of the parking lot, stopped briefly, then drove in a large loop before parking in one of the stalls. Now we occasionally have cars pull in to the parking lot to turn around or sometimes parents bringing new drivers to practice driving. This being the case I kept watching because I was trying to figure out if it was a new driver, practicing, or someone who needed something. They were parked so far out though that it was intriguing.

At that point a woman got out of the SUV and walked to the back and opened the back door. I could not see her, since she was behind the car, but I could tell she was moving things around. I figured she had groceries that she needed to rearrange or something so I continued with my various tasks.

I was busy for about 5 minutes before I walked passed the front doors again. That was when I noticed her car pulling out of the parking lot. So far, nothing really terribly strange.

A few minutes later I headed back past the front doors and this time I noticed something unusual when I glanced at the parking lot. In the spot that she had been parked was a small white object. I could not tell what it was. I immediately started thinking of all of my crime shows and wondered if it was safe for me to go out and look. Silly I am sure but who knows, maybe it was a bomb or something. I was half nervous and half laughing at myself thinking it was probably nothing.

The lady I was waiting for pulled in and I headed out to leave, but not before checking out that object. When I got closer I could see it was a plastic grocery bag with the handles tying off the top. The handles were sticking straight up like someone had carefully set it there. I still didn’t touch it.

I texted a friend of mine who is a Sheriff and asked him what to do. He told me he would be by in a little while and would check it out. So I went home. I completely forgot about it, in spite of my curiosity, until the next morning. That was when I read that my friend, who works the night shift, didn’t see the bag (being dark when he got there) and thought it had been moved. It hadn’t. I had simply neglected to tell him it was on the far end of the parking lot.

When I pulled in to the church there sat my little mystery package exactly as I had seen it the day before. This time I decided to throw caution to the wind and see for myself what it was. I went into the church and grabbed a pair of scissors. Back at the package I held the handles with one hand (the only part of the bag I ever touched) and cut part of the bag open at the top. I used the scissors to spread the opening moved the contents around and verified that what I was seeing was all that was in the bag. It was a wet paper towel soaked with and sitting in some sort of liquid…yellow liquid.

I see only one explanation.

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