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We Have A Web Siting!

Contrary to the title, this isn’t about cobwebs but about websites. Cleaning websites at least. So, if you follow some of the advice found on the following websites, you should have less web sites…forgive the punniness of this post, I am quite sleepy at this time and I always think I am so clever when I am sleepy.

Daily Chores is a site that lists the authors daily chores and how she keeps her home maintained. There are quite a few links on this site (check out the post about prevention) and therefore it is a great resource beyond the simple daily chores list.

Laurel Plum Online has a whole host of resources and just looking it over has helped me realize I need to do a week focus on organization. However, in the meantime, check out this series she did called “Climbing Out Of The Mess” which should help those of us who have gotten to that overwhelmed feeling of never catching up. You can do it! Just take it one step at a time and make sure you Eat Your Frog!

Housework on WordPress! WordPress allows WordPress users to follow the topic of housework so that if anyone posts and uses the tag of housework it will show up in your reader. So there is a never ending supply of new and fresh ideas!

Housework Blues is an ebook that you can order through the link. But there are sample chapters available prior to purchasing (I love the ability to check out a purchase prior to spending my hard earned cash). You simply put in a name and an email and you will be emailed a sample of 8 chapters! I read the first two pages of the first sample and have already decided I will be purchasing the book.

There are multitudes of websites out there. The sites listed above were from a simple google search of terms like “housework” or “daily maintenance housework”. You can always do a search such as this when that oh too familiar feeling of “there’s just too much to do” comes along. Its encouraging and helps us to get that motivation back. You can do it!

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