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Keeping Short Accounts


…(Love) is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs…
1 Corinthians 13:5

This verse rang in my head as I typed my letter. “I am trying to do that by using this letter to work through the hurt feelings. I can’t move on without addressing it right?” so I typed on.

I have struggled back and forth with this issue for months now. I hadn’t said anything to others because I knew much of it was emotional exaggeration. I was trying to get past that. Feeling that I was finally at a place where I could see the issue more logically I decided to write the letter.

This morning I was reading Oswald Chambers My Utmost For His Highest and I came across this line:

“Jesus Christ demands that there be not the slightest trace of resentment even suppressed in the heart of a disciple when he meets with tyranny and injustice.”

And that was when I knew I needed to shred the letter. It didn’t matter if I was wrong or right. Those who had hurt me had not done so intentionally and I was definitely keeping a record of wrongs. While I thought I was trying to move on I realized that I had actually been reminding myself of everything that had happened so that when I did address the issue with them I would be able to remember and talk it through.

So how do I now, after all this time, stop keeping record? How do I let go of resentment? By taking my thoughts captive. When those thoughts come I will remind myself of love. I will love them into forgiveness in my heart.

Disclaimer: this solution is not for every situation. The Scriptures will always apply but the way I applied them in this case was from personal conviction. It is not a black-and-white-never-confront-anyone message. Simply a message of keeping short accounts. This will look different for each person for each situation.


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