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Every time I cook something new I use one of two methods to find a recipe, I either look through my recipe books and magazines, or I scour the internet. Ok, so this is possibly the only two ways of finding new recipes, but it still works. So here are some of the tools I use:

I will always go back to this recipe book and still feel that it has some of the most iconic recipes. Plus the conversion charts and emergency substitutes have saved me on many occasions. That book is the Better Homes and Gardens Cook Book.

When it comes to websites I usually do a search for the ingredients I want to use, or the type of dish I plan to make, but I find myself landing at two websites quite often, All Recipes, and Epicurious. Both have quite an extensive list of recipes in all categories. If you don’t like the ingredients in one recipe, keep searching, you will probably find the same type of dish with different ingredients.

I use You Tube quite often for how to videos. This helps me when there is a technique that I do not know. Don’t let the strange words in your recipes scare you, often times they are just fancy ways of saying simple things.

So get out there and try something new and let me know how it goes!!!

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