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APPlying What We Have Learned


Meal planning just got APPed! Well maybe not JUST, but for me this is a new development. The app is called pepperplate and it is also a website. In this app you can meal plan, add recipes, create shopping lists based on those recipes, and it all its synced on your phone, tablet and computer.

I put in one recipe as a trial to see how difficult it would be and what features it had. It was quite simple to create a new recipe. I was able to upload a photo, add a description of the dish, and add notes to the dish. I really like the notes section because I can track what I make and for whom I make it. Add recipes to your menu plan or shopping list is simply done by clicking on Add To and making your choice on the drop down menu.

This app gets 31 stars from me! (As in Proverbs 31…ok a little cheesy but I really couldn’t resist).

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