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I am the queen of procrastination which means when I find a to do list or method that helps me get things done I get very excited. Anything to dethrone me would be fantastic. Here are a few things I am trying now:


This is an app and an online program. It is great for managers and families as it is a shared to do list. You can have another people added to a list and still have personal lists. You can request someone else to do a task, comment on tasks and see when a task is completed. It’s really great!


My new computer has windows 7 which has sticky notes. Granted you could use real sticky notes but I am a geek and work better with digital than I do reality. These virtual sticky notes are great and I can organize them on my desktop by category or importance. The large yellow one is my worst first list for eating my frog.

At this point I have stopped using orchestra. Not because the program failed but I failed to use it. I need to get back to it but for now my virtual sticky notes will have to carry me through.

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