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How To Shut Your Garage

It occurred to me a little late that I should be blogging about my experience as a new home owner. Due to the lateness of this genius idea you have missed out on installing sprinkers, fixing pipe leaks, and other such nonsense. But today I have something for you, garage doors.

It was last week, (Last week? Seriously? Time flies when you are avoiding something) I pulled into my driveway, hit the garage door opener and the door opened. Simple enough. Get out of the car, head into the house and hit the button on the way in. Nothing. Not a sound, not a flinch of movement, nothing. I hit it again, nothing. I try the remote. Nada, nilch, zip, zero.

Of course I check all the obvious reasons, or at least the one and only reason I know for a garage door not to work, the sensor…….things. You know the laser light things that stops the garage door from smashing your car if you accidentally park halfway in and hit the button. I clean those, I make sure the lights are solid. Still nothing.

That has exhausted my knowledge of garage door troubleshooting so I manually close the door and figure I will worry about it the next day.

A week later and I am still parking in my driveway. Problem is if I keep procrastinating I will be forced to shovel snow off my car, which I hate doing, so today I decided I would tackle this problem. For all of you who have the same issue here are the steps to a solution:

1. Search the internet for your brand of garage door openers and the words “won’t close.”
2. Skip all the obvious “your sensors are being blocked by an object or misaligned” sites.
3. Search again, hoping to find something.
4. Stare at it.
5. Climb up and down a ladder several times just trying to find the right size screw driver to take the cover off to find a model number (Don’t actually remove the cover, you are just trying to find the right sized screw driver).
6. Search the internet again.
7. Finally find something that sounds somewhat correct but mentions a limitor, or something like that.
8. Search for Garage door close limit switch (oh yeah, thats what it was) and look at pictures.
9. Find the limit switch.
10. Grab the screw driver again.
11. Move the ladder 3 times trying to get to the right spot.
12. Move the limit switch.
13. Test the door.
14. Wonder why that even worked when the door is hitting the limit switch exactly as it was when the switch was an inch over.

Just in case you did stumble across my site with this actual problem it is as simple as loosening the screw on the limit switch (the screw is on the opposite side as the plastic “switch”), sliding the switch closer to the main unit, tightening the screw and testing it. If your door comes down easily you may want to secure the door before moving this switch. I would suggest unplugging the unit prior to doing any of this type of work.


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